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Invitation to Ochanomizu University Summer Program 2017

Greetings from Ochanomizu University!

This is a cordial invitation to "Ochanomizu Summer Program 2017" (The leaflets and application forms were already sent to your universities in mid-February).


Our Summer Program is renewed from 2017, and ex-Japanese Summer Program and ex-Summer Program -Japanese Culture and Society- (taught in English) jointed as one program: Course 1 (Japanese Language Course), and Course 2 (Japanese Culture and Society Course taught in English).

Although participants still need to choose 1 course (not possible to take both courses), there will be a lot more communication occasions between those 2 courses to help developments of students' international networking!


In addition, for the Japanese Language Course (Course 1), we start accepting beginners of Japanese language studies (in condition that they can communicate in English) to broaden the opportunities for students!


So we very much look forward to many of your students' participation and wish they enjoy it! (We do not set any particular limit for the number of applicants per university, though we will do screening if the total number of applicants is over our capacity)



**  The application procedure has been partly changed from what was announced in the leaflet.  Please thoroughly read the below.


1) Detailed information on the Ochanomizu University Summer Program


Please see the leaflet and the webpage:




** The above are temporary pages.  We are constructing a brand-new 'Summer Program' webpage to show more details of lectures etc., and we will inform you soon after the page is done.


2) Schedule


Application deadline...    22 April (Sat.)

Announcement of the selection result (including Scholarship student selection)... 19 May (Fri.)


Summer Program... 
Course 1 (Japanese Language):     8 (Sat.) - 28 (Fri.) July [3 weeks]
Course 2 (Japanese Culture and Society, taught in English):   15(Sat.)- 28(Fri.) July [2 weeks]


3) Application forms 
Please download Application Forms 1,2 and 3 .

Students must fill in Application Form 1 and Application Form 2. 
※ There is a change with the Application Form 1 as shown below!.
Application Form 1: This form should be sent as an Excel file (NOT by handwriting).
To fill in the form, please refer to the attached example file (【Example】Application Form 1)


Completed Application Forms 1 & 2 should be submitted with

  1. PDF copy of a passport(ID page),
  2. Photo for an ID card(JPEG file only),
  3. [for the course 1 applicants(except beginners)only] Proof of the level of Japanese language

to the representative of the university.


Please note- We do NOT accept applications directly from students.  Applications must be collectively sent from each university's representative (staff).


Besides, the representative of a university (university staff) must fill in Application Form 3 and submit.



3) To the representative of a partner university (University Staff)

When you collect Application Form 1 & 2 from your students, please kindly


1. Check if all applicants of your university completely filled in the Form 1 and Form 2
2. Check if all applicants are surely registered students with your university as of July 2016
3. Check if the grades (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of the applicants in the Form 1 are all correct


** Ochanomizu University does not take responsibility for any mistake in the application forms


and make sure you also fill in and sign the Application Form 3.


Please send Application Forms 1 & 2 of all your applicants and the Application Form 3 as e-mail attachments to:




4) Scholarship

All applicants will automatically become candidates for scholarship.

50 students are selected to be rewarded 80,000 JPY each.  The selection is based on the content of Application Form 2 (motivation paper) and the CGPA grade.


Participation to the Summer Program is free of charge for partner university students, but they are required to pay for air fee to Japan, and transports, accommodation and living costs in Japan.  

Scholarship recipients can freely use the scholarship as a part of those costs (scholarship is handed in cash on the 1st day of the program).



5) Accommodation

As already informed, we recommend students to stay at the University dormitory or the Tokyo Ueno Central Youth Hostel (http://www.jyh.gr.jp/ueno/english/index.html), but they are also free to book accommodation by themselves.  

(Please show the choice in the Application Form 1)


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